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Stone house on 2 floors


La Luna  "The Moon " ground floor 35 mq2 apart with wonderful lake view . 13mq2 terrace with table and chairs.


The  Moon apart has one  bedroom, open kitchen and saloon with convertible sofa, 1 bathroom with Wc ,box shower and wash machine.

Pellet stove , LCD TV  21' , music set  with  CD  player.  Bose home sound system .  Free  Wi-fi  Wirless available.


House where stone and wood are in harmony and a basic component into our building concept to create a unique atmosphere for our guests.





Music on/off


Enjoy yoga & relax 

Yoga  will focus your mind and open your senses  in the sights, sounds, smells and moods of nature in our spectacular landscape with unique lake view

Hiking & Walking

There are some great hikes in the hills and mountains around  lake and sea  with unique panoramic views


Food & wine tasting 

A great opportunity to live for a short break learning about authentic Italian food and local quality wines.

       Sail & bike

Enjoy romantic boat trip on the lake or

bring  your children to follow special weekly sailing courses or tours in the blue of LIgurian sea 



Verginate  village

Nuova strada per Oro
23822  Verginate  fraz. Bellano (LC)

Lake Como -Italy


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